Friday, January 3, 2014

1985 - Anatomy of a Cover - Amazing Heroes #75


  1. Amazing Heroes was my favorite magazine for so long. Really miss it. "Back Issue" and "Alter Ego" are certainly great, but there was something about this mag that I still feel is missing from today's market.

  2. I used to read it and enjoy it...not sure if I stopped or it idea where all my issues went...

    That "DC Challenge" cover brings back memories...never got to read that series and have always wanted to...every now and then I see an issue or two in the dollar bin...wish they'd collect it all in one TPB for me to read...

    I enjoyed comics at this time, up until around '88...DC kinda lost me with "Crisis," but I still dug some of the new stuff like Blue Beetle and Blue Devil. Perez WW was good except for the collateral damage to the JLA. Really didn't like JL/JLI/JLE much.


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