Monday, January 13, 2014

1980 - Anatomy of a Cover - Wonder Woman #269


  1. Great cover...I have a bunch of WW from
    this era and there are many good covers. Unforunately the interiors are often not as good. But still better than the modern Xena ripoff they're calling WW.

  2. "Modern Xena Rip-Off": Indeed! That is exactly what bores me about the last, well, MANY years of WW.....ever since Kingdom Come, it seems, writers have thought that "bad ass, armored, sword-wielding" Diana IS the character, instead of a sign of when that character has gone wrong. Le sigh. I liked this era, too, and the Perez era as well.

  3. I wasn't crazy about the damage done to the JLA as a result of the Perez WW, but I did like his take on WW as an ambasador of peace. And of course his great art. If we could get something like Perez WW crossed with Lynda Carter WW, I could read it again for the first time in 25(?) years. Except please cut out this "WW can fly" nonsense!


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