Sunday, May 5, 2013

Maguire's Justice League


  1. Loved that era of the Justice League, JLI, Maguire's art, and the Giffen/Dematteis stories made me a fan, wasn't before and really never like the franchise as much since.

  2. Hey JG, loved it as well and kept looking for that fun, but would never come again. :(

  3. Enjoyed Maguire's beautiful art, but after the first few issues the attempts at humor go old for me, especially once they went self-referential and everything was Bwah-ha-ha. Maguire was so good, too bad he didn't stick around longer...I remember disappointment with fill-in artists and nobody else was as good until Templeton did a few issues.

    Too bad they went with Batman & the Third-Stringers instead of a classic lineup.


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