Monday, April 28, 2014

1978 - Tempo Books


  1. This is quite an indictment of Wonder Woman. Most of these books feature Bronze and Silver Age reprints within 15-20 years out from the publication date. Then they drop in World War II period Marston/Peter material twice as old as the other reprints. Clearly no love for Bob Kanigher or the white jumpsuit era.

  2. Scrolling down I was just waiting for that pink Superman book with the dragon on the cover and there it is! I was strictly a Marvel kid but when I got that paperback I remember enjoying flipping through it immensely, despite it being a little more corny than what I was used to...I think the Legion story was my favourite of the bunch. Thanks for the memories (yet again, I do enjoy this site).
    david p.

  3. Jason, I had the first three books you pictured. I'm surprised to see the slipcase at the end -- would have killed for the whole set! These were such a great way to find out about the history of these characters. I liked DCs strategy here, as opposed to Marvel's, where the House of Ideas began reprinting from the beginning. This smorgasbord fashion was more to my liking.



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