Saturday, August 10, 2013

Late 1980s - John Byrne's Shazam

In Back Issue #12, John Byrne revealed:
"The reason this [project] didn’t happen was that going in, I said I want this to be a separate universe. I want this to be not connected with the DC Universe in any way. And DC said, yep, fine, that’ll be great, that’ll be good. And then I had actually done the cover and the first two pages of the first issue and they said, “Oh, by the way, Cap has to be in the Justice League.” And I said no, we agreed. And they said he has to be, it’s absolutely necessary. I said, well, bye then. It was another one of those cases where I made my unreasonable demands loud and clear, up front, they agreed to them, and then said, “Oh, no, we’re changing our minds.”

This image was eventually used for Byrne's OMAC #2: "The first page, as some of you may already know, was salvaged from my aborted SHAZAM project," Byrne mentioned on his Byrne Robotics Message Board. "When DC double-crossed me (this time before the contracts were signed!) I pulled out of that project and took back the work I had done on good faith. When I needed a splash for the second issue of OMAC, I did some cosmetic surgery, removing characters and altering the vintage of the automobiles, and what had begun as Fawcett City became the setting for Buddy Blank’s adventures in the Past."

A few more recent renditions of Captain Marvel by Byrne.

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