Monday, June 10, 2013

Man of Steel Week - Favourite Superman Single Issues

Action Comics Annual #1
Batman and Superman vs. Vampires, 'Nuff Said!

DC Comics Presents #61
Great story by Len Wein and stunning art by George Perez.

DC Comics Presents #85
Chilling story by Alan Moore and art by Rick Veitch.

Superman Annual #11
Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons team-up before their history run on The Watchmen.

Superman #2
Byrne revamps Luthor for the 1990s with lavish inks by Terry Austin.

Superman #18
Stunning art by Mike Mignola and a great story that delves more into Byrne's Krypton. Kind of a follow-up to the Byrne and Mignola's World of Krypton.

Action Comics #544
Luthor and Brainiac are updated for the 1980s.

Man of Steel #1
The first issue of Byrne's relaunch and my conversion as a Superman fan!

Superman #400 - Anyone who was anyone contributed to this oversized special!

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