Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Man of Steel - Official Trailer #3


  1. Just read the article in Entertainment Weekly...the "improved" dark costume is bad enough, but they have decided Superman needs to be gritty and "realistic" in the vein of the (incredibly overrated and full of plotholes) Nolan Batmovies. I think they are desperate and have lost sight of what makes Superman special an unique (optimism, self-belief, etc.) and instead are aping the new Batman movies. Won't be getting any of my money.

  2. Hey Matt, fortunately Nolan is only a producer in this film. I agree with you totally that his Batmovies, particularly the last one was terribly flawed. While I don't like the darker costume either, I can't help but feel that this version of Superman will capture that symbol of hope and betterment. Guess we'll find out in June!

  3. Reading that they went with Byrne's sterile Krypton and were inspired by the "Death of Superman" and replacement Supermen comics of the '90s doesn't leave me with much hope. They also apparently have Clark Kent as conflicted and full of self-doubt about what is the right thing to be and do. Let me know if the movie pleased you, as I've read enough from the cast, director, and producers that I shan't see the movie.


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