Sunday, March 31, 2013

1987 - Perez' Wonder Woman


  1. Such beautiful drawings. I stopped reading when he stopped drawing WW. I only wish they hadn't made WW a novice and tried to fill her slot on the JLA origins with Black Canary.

  2. Wonderful artwork -- some of the best of Perez's career! Like Matt, once George stopped drawing the title (he continued to write it, if I recall), I stopped reading it. I'd never cared about Wonder Woman before and haven't since -- that to me says how special Perez's run on the title was!


  3. Exactly how I felt, Doug. I liked the TV show with Lynda Carter and then the Perez written/drawn comics. Other than that, I never found WW all that exciting.

    I recall seeing awful later covers with WW in a thong and stipper heels...yuck.

    there were some later Brian Bolland covers that were great, but when I opened the comic and looked inside it was inferior work by someone else.

  4. Indeed, Perez was always able to capture Diana in a way no one else could. I too struggled with the various creators that took on the title. Bolland's covers were amazing, but like Matt said, I couldn't get into the interior art. I picked up the series again when Byrne took over, but I never felt any real traction on the book.


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